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Melanin and Honey fosters programs to ensure professional and personal growth within each young lady:


Self- Esteem: Melanin and Honey will make sure each girl understands that physical beauty stems from the inside. Topics such as: healthy mental attitude, body image, and hygiene will be covered.

Enhancing Technical Abilities: Each girl will learn to use modern technology, especially computers, to healthily engage in personal and professional communication on all social platforms.   


Career: Melanin and Honey will pair young ladies with career professionals that are in areas that they may want to explore. Our girls will learn what to expect during an interview, what to wear, and how to be professional in the workplace. 


Finance: Melanin and Honey will teach personal financial literacy, how to earn and save money, and the importance of credit.


Leadership skills: Melanin and Honey will help build young girls that are confident, assertive, and optimistic. Our organization will also help young girls develop time management, emotional intelligence, and communication skills


I have the right to be unapologetic, respectfully speak my mind, be strong, and broken at the same time, so as long as it pushes me to be better.


It is okay to inhale fear, so as long as I exhale positive results.

I should be treated with the utmost respect, while giving the same to my fellow black women.


Every opportunity, good or bad, should be mine because I have the power to dictate my own future. 


I should be free from negative judgments and societal norms.


I am me and that is my power.


You are you and this your power.


We stand together and that is our power!

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